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Banana Diet To Lose Weight Naturally

Banana Diet To Lose Weight Naturally
Diet banana or morning banana diet is one
 one way to decrease the weight that popular in Japan. Not only in Japan, is now the banana diet is also popular in Indonesia and many who've tried it.Bananas are rich in fiber and vitamin C is high so it is good
to diet. Bananas can also prevent us to consume unhealthy foods
in large quantities. This is because the body's nutritional needs have
met with the banana.
Banana diet
As the name implies, morning banana diet
 more emphasis on breakfast with bananas and water.
After that, you can eat anything as long as it is not diet
high in calories. Here is a step by step on a diet of bananas.How to Make Banana Diet
1. Breakfast with bananas as much as 1-2 fruit and two glasses of water.2. For lunch, could consume anything as long as avoiding foods that contain lots of oil and high calorie.3. As a distraction, you can consume bananas ½ -1 when really hungry or are you want to snack.4. For dinner, can eat healthy and balanced and should not be passed from 8 pm.5. Avoid ice cream, dairy products, alcohol, dessert after dinner and all drinks cold and sweet.6. Bananas are consumed bananas at room temperature, not bananas stored in the refrigerator or fried.7. Mealtimes should be started from 9 am - 8 pm only. In addition to these hours should drink only water.Why Banana Diet to Lose Weight?
Bananas are not able to burn fat, but bananas contain high fiber so as to make full longer, digestive system and can maximize the body's metabolism so as to accelerate the process of weight loss.Balance also with regular exercise so that you burn more calories than are consumed. If you are already running another diet, then just add the banana diet to maximize the diet program that you do. Good luck!
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