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5 Myths Threatening Protein Weight Loss - Kom

5 Myths Threatening Protein Weight Loss - Kom
Protein can make you feel full longer and it is important to establish and maintain muscle mass. But, this does not mean you should eat protein recklessly.
However, the amount and type of protein, it is very important that the protein can function optimally in the body, rather than threaten waistlines, says Jamie Baum, Ph.D., assistant professor of food science and researchers protein at the University of Arkansas.
Baum warned, there are five myths about protein previously believed many people, but actually harmful to the muscle and weight. This is the fifth myth.
Myth 1: The more protein, the more muscle
In fact, your body can not repair or build muscle optimally without a full intake of amino acids from protein sources. However, eating protein alone is not enough to build strong muscles, says Baum.
You need to exercise for it. Especially when with age because the body's ability to build muscle will be reduced.
Aerobic and resistance exercise is necessary for the body to build muscle optimally, said Wayne Campbell, Ph.D., professor nutriisi at Purdue University.
Myth 2: All the proteins of the same type
Almost all intake you eat, but water and soda, even a little protein. But, not all foods contain the essential amino acids necessary for the formation of muscle.
"" There is a big difference between animal and vegetable proteins. Animal protein contains essential amino acids while not edible, "" said Campbell.
Myth 3: The more protein, the better
There is a limit on how much protein your body can use, said Douglas Paddon-Jones, Ph.D., professor of nutrition and metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch. For most people, the limit between 25-30 grams per meal.
Rather than increase the amount of protein into your daily menu, better trying to distribute the protein we eat, advice Paddon-Jones.
Paddon- Jones also said, there are a lot of people do not eat protein at breakfast but as much protein intake at dinner.
Instead of eating as much protein a meal, and the body can not process it, the better reduce the amount of protein at dinner and add protein at breakfast.
Myth 4: We need protein immediately after exercise
There are still many people who immediately drink a protein shake immediately after exercise and according to Baum, this is a misunderstanding. Body building athletes need protein every four hours. However, for ordinary people, simply by eating protein at every meal (morning, afternoon, evening).
The study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that eating protein after exercise does not give any advantage compared with eating protein by the same amount, at every time you eat.
Myth 5: If you're tired, maybe it's because of lack of protein
Tired all day, it could be a signal to you in less protein. But, this will only happen if the deposits of proteins is very low.
If you are a vegetarian and although you look thinner waist size has not changed, maybe it's a sign you should memerbanyak intake of nuts as a protein source.
But there are also many cases of fatigue, which has nothing to do with the intake of protein, said Campbell.
Myth 6: Eat a lot of protein will help you lose weight
Baum said proteins can enhance the flavor "" satisfied, "" so you avoid overeating at the next meal. But, this does not mean you can eat protein with arbitrary.
Excess protein can also make weight gain and make you fat. If you want to increase the amount of protein, Campbell advise you to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.
This reduction instead of protein you add to your plate. This way, you avoid the intake of excessive calories that could threaten waistlines.
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